Entry information

2017 Competition Information

Entries to the 2017 Australian Cider Awards will open in June. A 2017 Style Guide and competition rules will be released shortly.

Entry is open to any cider that is commercially available in Australia, and this includes imported ciders. Kegs, bottles, cans and any other package may be entered. For further information about the Awards, please email awards@cideraustralia.org.au

The 2016 Award classes and competition rules are set out in the Cider Australia 2016-Styleguide [Official].

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send entries?

ALL entries (including bottles, cans and kegs) must be delivered to:

Australian Cider Awards – C/O Past Last & Present
51 Leather Street
Breakwater, Geelong, VIC 3219

The delivery date window for 2017 will be specified in the competition rules.

What quantity do I need to submit?

Standard and Speciality classes – submit four (4) of each if can/bottle is less than 650ml, or three (3) of each if bottle is 650ml or larger.

Ice Cider and Pommeau – submit three (3) of each if bottle is less than 375ml, or two (2) of each if bottle is 375ml or larger.

Apple/Pear Spirit – submit two (2) of each bottle. The total volume must be at least 375ml.

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