2018 Cider Awards Announced

6 Oct 2018

2018 Australian Cider Awards

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Judging panel: Behn Payten (Chair), Eric West (US), Mike Bennie, Sebastian Crowther MS (Panel Chair), Nathan Hyde, Briony Liebich (Panel Chair), Jody Scott (NZ), James Duvnjak (Associate), Jess Ladha (Associate), Nick Stock (Spirits)


  • Best in Show: William Smith & Sons – Willie Smith’s Kingston Black Cider
  • Best Traditional Cider: William Smith & Sons – Willie Smith’s Kingston Black Cider
  •  Best New World Cider: Westons – Caple Road
  •  Best Perry: Fils De Pømme – L’Épatant
  •  Best Intensified / Distilled Cider or Perry: Small Acres Syder – Small Acres Cyder 2010 Pommeau
  •  Best Australian Cider or Perry: William Smith & Sons – Willie Smith’s Kingston Black Cider
  •  Best International Cider or Perry: Westons – Caple Road
  •  Most Successful Small Producer (less than 50,000 L/a): Small Acres Cyder
  •  Most Successful Larger Producer (more than 50,000 L/a): William Smith & Sons
  •  Champion of the Industry Award: David Pickering, researcher and apple orchardist, NSW

Best in Class

Class Class Name Producer Cider
1 New World Dry Cider 3 Sons Cider Pink Lady
2 New World Medium Cider Westons Caple Road
3 New World Medium Sweet Cider Napoleone Apple Cider
4 New World Sweet Cider SPARKKE Apple Cider SPARKKE Apple Cider
5 New World MT (disgorged) Cider Core 2015 Corerupted
6 Traditional Dry Cider 3 Sons Cider The Cranky Pom
7 Traditional Medium Cider Kangaroo Island Ciders Colony Cove Vintage Cider
8 Traditional Medium Sweet Cider William Smith & Sons Willie Smith’s Kingston Black Cider
9 Traditional Sweet Cider LOBO LOBO Royale
10 Traditional MT (disgorged) Cider SMALL  ACRES  CYDER Small Acres Cyder 2015 The Cat’s Pyjamas
21 New World Dry Perry LOBO LOBO Dry Pear
22 New World Medium Perry Fils De Pømme L’Épatant
23 New World Medium Sweet Perry The Barossa Valley Cider Company Squashed Pear Cider
24 New World Sweet Perry Frank’s Summer Pear Cider
25 New World MT (disgorged) Perry Carmel Cider Company Pear 14
26 Traditional Dry Perry no entries
27 Traditional Medium Perry CHEEKY GROG CO PERRY PEAR
28 Traditional Medium Sweet Perry Westons Henry Westons Perry
29 Traditional Sweet Perry no entries
30 Traditional MT (disgorged) Perry none awarded
31 Experimental Cider or Perry Funk Cider American Hustle
32 Apple and Pear Blends The Barossa Valley Cider Company Squashed Cloudy Cider
33 Cider or Perry with Fruit Funk Cider Feijoa Cider
34 Lighter Strength Cider or Perry Hillbilly Cider Sweet Julie
41 Ice Cider or Perry no entries
42 Pommeau Small Acres Cyder Small Acres Cyder 2010 Pommeau
43 Apple or Pear Spirits – Eau de Vie Core Cider Tractor Juice
44 Apple or Pear Spirits – Aged Spirit Charles Oates Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy Tokay Barrel

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