About Cider Australia

Cider Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by cider businesses and sponsors. We aim to build a sustainable cider category by undertaking activities that improve the quality of ciders produced and marketed in Australia.

What do we do?

  • PROMOTION – raise awareness of the cider industry and create marketing opportunities and strategies to assist our members to grow their businesses
  • ADVOCACY AND POLICY DEVELOPMENT – facilitate policy development and present the common views of the industry to government and others
  • EDUCATION – educate consumers about cider, and encourage professional and technical development, information sharing and benchmarking within the industry.

Key activities

We run the annual Australian Cider Awards – the largest cider competition in Australia and a key platform for promoting quality cider and helping producers to learn and benchmark their products.

We run the national cider conference AusCider which brings together cider producers, fruit growers, researchers and cider industry representatives from across Australia. 

We have launched the 100% Australian Grown trust mark, becoming the first country in the world to launch a trust mark to promote the authenticity of cider.

Our history

Cider Australia was established in 2012 after a group of cider and perry producers met in Orange, NSW in September 2011 and Healesville, VIC in January 2012 and agreed to form a united national association.

Cider Australia was formally incorporated under NSW law in 2013, and registered as a national body through the Australian Securities and Investment Commission the following year.

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