Australian requirements

Cider, perry and fruit wine as defined under the Wine Equalisation Tax is not subject to any export controls from within Australia so you do not need a licence, product approvals or export permits to export cider. Note that the ATO and the Australian Border Force have confirmed that the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) does not require an ATO Permit to export for AHECC Code 22060000.  

Note that excisable alcoholic beverages may be subject to different requirements – visit the ATO website for more information.

Export destination requirements

You will need to provide any import certifications (such as a Certificate of Origin or a Certificate of Free Sale) and meet labelling and product composition requirements imposed by the importing country or importer.

Cider Australia has a range of resources to help producers understand prospective export markets and navigate the rules and complexities associated with exporting to those markets, developed under Program 4 of the Export & Regional Wine Support Package. These are available only to Members of Cider Australia through the Member portal.

Export & Regional Wine Support Package

The Australian Government’s Export and Regional Wine Support Package (ERWSP) was a one-off investment in the Australian wine sector designed to showcase the nation’s wine tourism offering and drive demand for Australian wine exports. 

Under Program 4 of the Package – Transforming Australian cider businesses – $500,000 of Package funding was invested in activities to help market Australian craft cider overseas and establish export markets for local cider brands. The program was delivered by Wine Australia with oversight by a Cider Committee (including Cider Australia) and support from external consultants. 

Program 4 funded the development of an Australian Craft Cider brand, brand collateral and educational resources designed to help Australian producers improve their export preparedness. Key activities:

  • We engaged consultant Guy Taylor to develop an Australian Craft Cider Brand Proposition (Member only resource) that is unique to Australia and meaningful in chosen export markets, and tools to help producers understand and apply the brand in their own businesses. This project involved months of consultation with producers across Australia and identified the use of Australian grown fruit as the unique value proposition for Australian Craft Cider.  
  • We developed the 100% Australian Grown trust mark as a key element of the Brand Proposition. The trust mark can only be used by approved Members of Cider Australia on ciders made from 100% Australian grown ingredients. 
    100% Australian Grown Cider Australia Trademark
  • We developed a Go-To-Market Strategy and ‘toolkit’ (Member only resource) to assist producers to understand prospective export markets and navigate the rules and complexities associated with exporting to those markets. This comprises:
    • in-market analysis for 4 countries (China, Japan, UK and US) prepared by data analyst firm the International Wine & Spirits Record (IWSR) covering market data, consumer demographics, routes to market, sales channels, trends, taxes and regulations and consumer surveys for 3 countries (Japan, UK and US)
    • Go-To-Market implementation guide for Australian craft cider prepared by Place Brand Agency covering the US, UK, China and Japan
    • Cider Export Market Guides for six countries (Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, UK and US) which set out the regulatory and labelling requirements for cider imported into those countries.
  • To develop export capability, we engaged Hydra Consulting to develop and run an online Growing Cider Exports Workshop (Member only resource) in July 2020. The series assisted attendees to explore distribution networks, assess their export readiness and understand the regulatory environment of their target markets. The program was delivered in 4 x 90 minute online modules:
    1. Intent, brand pitching and the trust mark
    2. Financial modelling for export
    3. Distribution and activation, export readiness and the regulatory environment
    4. Chinese cultural awareness
  • To educate consumers and drinks trade professionals on the flavours, styles, varieties and regions that make Australian craft cider unique, we engaged drinks writer Max Allen to write the Australian Cider Guide. The Guide provides in-depth, visually-appealing information on Australian Craft Cider for consumers, trade and media. Simplified Chinese and Japanese versions are also available. 
  • We produced a series of seven videos about Australian Craft Cider featuring drinks writer Max Allen and Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther. Watch these on our YouTube Channel and please get in touch if you would like to use these to help educate your customers or staff.
  • We established Japanese language social channels (Facebook and Instagram) and a Japanese language page on our website to start building awareness of Australian craft cider among the broader Japanese liquor trade and media.

For more information email info@cideraustralia.org.au

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