Australian Cider Day countdown on

28 Feb 2024

Cider makers and cider drinkers from across the country will join together to celebrate Australian Cider Day on Saturday 9th March.

Held at the beginning of Autumn when orchards are heavy with fruit and cider makers prepare for their busiest time of the year, this day acknowledges and encourages appreciation of Australian craft cider and the community it creates.

Australian Cider Day is an annual event. It draws attention to Cider Australia’s 100% Australian Grown trust mark, an industry-owned and led initiative which raises awareness of product origin by identifying ciders made from Australian grown apples and pears.

By choosing ciders displaying the trust mark – consumers are supporting cider producers, orchardists and regional economic growth.

The Australian cider industry will mark this day by organising cider festivals, tastings and other fun activities to educate drinkers about quality Australian craft cider – for inspiration check out the Napoleone Cider Festival being held in the Yarra Valley and Flying Brick Cider Company’s annual scarecrow competition.

Cider Australia features Australian Cider Day events on its website and promotes use of the social media hashtag #drinkaustraliancider.

For more details visit or the Cider Australia Facebook page.

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Media enquiries

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About Cider Australia 

Cider Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by cider businesses and sponsors, established in 2012. It aims to build a sustainable cider category by undertaking activities that improve the quality of ciders produced and marketed in Australia. The organisation represents the interests of the cider industry to policy makers, calling for regulations and policies that support a diverse and evolving cider industry, and runs the national cider conference AusCider and the Australian Cider Awards.

About the trust mark and Australian Cider Day

The 100% Australian Grown trust mark and Australian Cider Day are industry-led initiative intended to reinforce the premium quality of Australian craft cider and drive integrity in the market.

The trust mark can only be displayed on ciders made from 100% Australian grown ingredients. It highlights what makes Australian craft ciders unique – the fact they are made with Australian grown fruit rather than imported juice concentrate which goes into an estimated 90% of the ciders sold in Australia. The trust mark was developed with the support of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, and levy funds from the Australian Apple Marketing Levy managed by Hort Innovation.

Cider Australia established Australian Cider Day to fall on the second Saturday of March each year. Launched four years ago, the purpose of day is to raise awareness of the 100% Australian Grown trust mark and create an occasion to educate drinkers and celebrate Australian Cider. 

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