Cider Australia declares 2016 ‘the year of craft cider’!

23 May 2016

This is the year Craft Cider will get traction according to the national cider industry body.

Cider Australia, representing over 70 local and international craft producers, growers and suppliers, held its Annual General Meeting in Melbourne last week.

Sam Reid of Tasmania’s Willie Smith’s Organic Apple Cider was returned for the third year as president of Cider Australia to lead the industry in a charge to define a Craft Cider category.

“We have recast our agenda this year towards engaging with customers on Craft Cider – what is it, what is so good about it, and how to pick out a quality craft offering when faced with the hundreds of brands on sale in Australia”, Mr Reid said.

Cider Australia believes an ‘Australian Craft Cider’ must be made from the juice of 100% Australian grown apples and pears, and that an international craft cider must have similar authenticity in regards to its juice content.

“Beyond the juice used, there are other factors that impact the quality of a cider such as whether cider specific apples are used, a cider maker’s management or ownership of fruit grown and a producer’s connection to fermentation”, said Mr Reid.

Mr Reid noted that Cider Australia wants to see a clear Craft Cider category emerge in liquor retail outlets so customers start to see beyond the often confusing and disingenuous claims on labels.

“If we can get to a situation where Craft Ciders are recognised and properly valued in Australia, producers will have more incentive to create the interesting and unique ciders that people want to drink and talk about”, Mr Reid said.

Cider Australia 2016 Executive Committee

President – Sam Reid, Willie Smith’s Organic Cider (TAS)
Vice President – Warwick Billings, LOBO Cider (SA)
Secretary – Nyall Condon, Flying Brick Cider Co (VIC)
Treasurer – Shane McLaughlin, Hillbilly Cider (NSW)
Category Development (new) – Toby Kline, The Hills Cider Company (SA)
Digital – Mark Ellis (VIC)

For more details contact Cider Australia executive officer Jane Anderson on 0434 559 759.

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