Cider Australia Statement on Little Fat Lamb

9 Apr 2018

On Sunday 8 April 2018, The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and a number of other newspapers published a report about Little Fat Lamb products, citing concerns about the very low price and marketing of these product. The reports state that Little Fat Lamb is heavy cider.

Cider Australia DOES NOT BELIEVE that Little Fat Lamb is a cider product, rather a ready to drink (RTD)/premix product masquerading as a cider.

Little Fat Lamb is sold at a price that indicates it falls under the Wine Equalisation Tax rather than the excise regime, whereas Government policy is that RTD/premix products are excisable.

This is a unique situation where one company is not acting in the spirit of the law.

Cider Australia welcomes calls for transparency from the producer of Little Fat Lamb to better understand what the product actually is, so that it can be taxed correctly.

We continue to push for truth in labelling so drinkers can understand what they are consuming.

Cider Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by cider businesses and sponsors. We aim to build a sustainable cider category by undertaking activities that improve the quality of ciders produced and marketed in Australia.

We support the responsible consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages.


Contact: Cider Australia President Sam Reid (0434 734 797) or Executive Officer Jane Anderson (0434 559 759)

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