Level 1: Certified Cider Professional workshop

13 Sep 2023

Cider Australia in collaboration with the American Cider Association will host a Level 1: Certified Cider Professional workshop in Melbourne on 18 October 2023.

Do you sell cider or work in a cidery or retail shop? Are you a chef, sommelier, cicerone, buyer or cidermaker? Do you just love cider and want to be able to spread the word with some serious cider knowledge to back it up? Then this workshop is perfect for you.

The CCP Program was developed by the American Cider Association to provide food and beverage professionals and enthusiasts worldwide with the knowledge and skills to understand and share the joy and nuance of cider. The program currently has two distinct levels of certification. The Level 1: CCP is designed as a fundamental course and is a prerequisite for the second level of certification. Level 2: Certified Pommelier™ is a more advanced certification that covers more in depth knowledge, and a blind sensory evaluation.

Attendees will enjoy a two and a half hour workshop and tasting session with dipWEST and Certified Pommelier™ Darlene Hayes, a writer and educator from Sonoma County, California. To obtain a Certified Cider Professional Level One designation, attendees must take an online test after the tasting session (please bring your own computer) or online within 30 days.

Cost to attend is $150 per person and includes the tasting and test fee. Attendees must be 18+ (please bring ID). Tickets are limited so be quick!

About the Host

Darlene Hayes has been fascinated by apples and cider since she and her husband built a house next to a 100+ year old apple orchard. Ever curious, she has since been doing research, historical and otherwise, on numerous apple varieties and the ciders made from them. For the last six years Darlene has been working with the American Cider Association on their Certified Cider Professionals program developing content to educate beverage professionals and enthusiasts alike on the breadth and depth of what cider has to offer.

Darlene is a well-respected international cider judge and the editor of the cider and apple-themed zine, Malus as well as writing about cider and apples for a variety of publications and at www.allintocider.com. Her book, Cider Cocktails–Another Bite of the Apple, was the first book on the modern exploration of using cider in cocktails.

Darlene is the guest international judge at the 2023 Australian Cider Awards.

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