Camilla’s Crush

Camilla's Crush

A boutique Cidery where the cider is made from 100% fresh fruit grown on the rich volcanic soil of the Humphries’ Red Hill orchard. Agricultural Scientist and Cider Maker, Camilla adopts wine making methods, from experience working in the wine industry, to produce a dry and complex cider with rich fruit aromas and texture from the English cider cultivars used. Camilla’s Crush received a bronze medal at the 2022 Australian Cider Awards.

You can buy this tangy and effervescent drop at Bad Frankie’s Bar in Fitzroy Melbourne and Monkey Business Restaurant and Cafe in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. 


  • Dry traditional sparkling cider 


Web: Camilla’s Crush

Address: 44 Mechanics Road, Red Hill VICTORIA 3937

Camilla’s Crush

44 Mechanics Road, Red Hill VICTORIA 3937