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Henry of Harcourt

Harcourt has been a well recognised apple growing region since the late 1850’s and has earned its reputation as the “Apple Centre of Victoria”. Over the last 15 years however, Harcourt has also emerged as a significant region for cider production with some of the largest plantings of cider apple varieties in Australia. The Henry family purchased their orchard in 1994 and set about enlarging it as well as replacing the eating apples with traditional cider apples, originally from England and France. They now grow around 40 varieties and have over the last 15 years, experimented with all these apples to produce a range of blended and single variety ciders. These dry ciders set themselves apart from the sugar laden modern commercial ciders which, by and large, are made from imported apple juice concentrates. They are in fact “Ciders for Grown-Ups”.


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Address: 219 Reservoir Rd, Harcourt North VIC 3453, Australia

Henry of Harcourt

219 Reservoir Rd, Harcourt North VIC 3453, Australia